Firm Vision

The Williams Law Firm was founded in October of 2006 on the belief that quality legal services should not be reserved for the rich. When an individual is accused of a crime, img_0010having an attorney who knows the judicial system and is committed to your best interest, is a priceless asset. Police, prosecutors, and other judicial agencies, will employ trickery, deception, and false pretense to get you to accept bad deals and jail time. In addition, the local phone book is crowded with fly by night attorneys, who are only interested in deep pockets and cash cows. Knowing your rights and protecting your interest is our pledge to you. We are The Williams Law Firm, “making a difference in the lives of our clients.”

     When you are accused of a crime, expensive attorney fees, jail time, fines, and probation costs, will negatively influence your decisions. You need an attorney with experience navigating the local justice system, to help you find justice in a system where many are often deprived. At The Williams Law Firm, Attorney Sidney C. Williams has over 10 years of experience practicing criminal law in Travis and the surrounding counties.  Our office will fight to get the justice that you deserve. We believe that our client’s best interest is our highest priority.